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Allison's Place


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Bio and Stats

Brief History....
I guess my first experience with crossdressing is when I was 7 or so.I would get into my mothers drawers and sneak pantyhose.And would try them on, regardless, of th fact I knew they would be bigger than I was.I didn't care, though.The pantyhose felt good to my skin,so I would continue to do what I had to do to have them.This feeling of wanting to wear women;s clothes was a persistant feeling for years, off and on.Then at the age of 16, is when I would real;ly start wearing more often.I even would sneak pantyhose, panties, and a few thing items like dresses, skirts, pants, leggings from a roomate of my mom's at the time.That didn't go over well.So, I stopped for the time being.I really didn't dress on a more frequent occassion till I had my own place.Then my closet had everything I could get my hand's on.From skirts and dresses to pantyhose and silk panties, to pants and leggings.I got it.
Now days, because of my roomamte, I can't dress as much as I would like.But when I can, I will dress...there is no hesitation to bring Allison out.
In 1999, I decided that I needed to give my fem side a name, that's how Allsion came to being.Picking a name wasn't easy.I searched Yahoo for Irish names, Italian names, etc.Then I decided on the current name...Allsion Eivers.If I am going to do this right...go Irish,Hmmmmm!
So minus a few untold things know a little more about Allison, and how she came to be.I don't regret being a "girl" is who I believe I am.It is what I feel is in the best interest for myself, and it feels good to be "out of the closet" and to let Allison become of the community.They say you can learn alot from a girl!As for SRS, that is a subject for another time.I am just being happy, right now, to walk down the street and being called...Maam!

Who is Allison:

DOB: 08/1972

Age: 29

Ht: 6'0

WT: A girl never reals this part...sheesh!

Dress Size: 14

Shoe Size: 7

Panty Size: 5

Astrological Sign: Leo

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Med Brown

Heritage: Irish/German (My name is Irish)


The following is some of my favorite things, favorite shpping areas, and more.I have listed some of my favorite things in regard to clothes and accessories.

Favorite Stores: JCPenney, Mervyn's,

Favorite Hosiery: Hanes and Leggs

Favorite Author(s): John Grisham and Ann Rice

Hobbies: Movies, reading, listening to music, traveling




Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide

Taking a break from work

My Job:

I work in the Restaurant Management industry.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Sleepless in Seattle,You've Got Mail, Titanic,Father of the Bride and Sequel,Pearl Harbor,and many more.Will list more later.

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

I listen to: Top 40, Country and some R/B